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Frosty Factory offers three types of refrigeration in their frozen beverage equipment line. Below are descriptions of air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote refrigeration units.

Air-cooled are the easiest to install. Simply place the machine on the counter and plug in a 20 amp dedicated outlet*. Always allow ample space on all sides for air-flow. (*215F takes 30 amp outlet)

Water-cooled units require a water inlet and a drain. This equipment benefits the user by keeping heat from the serving area. Also, machines can be placed side by side.

Remote refrigeration is the most efficient system available. Placing the condenser away from the serving area provides a quiet, heat-free operation. Additionally, remote installation save many utility dollars since the heat from the units does not require air-conditioning to off-set it.

This chart represents the models available in the listed refrigeration configurations.

Our Models
113 137 232
115 215 235
117 215f 237
127 217 289
Remote Condensing Unit

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Optional Equipment
From lines of machines on daiquiri bars, to margarita machines in mexican restaraunts, to frozen specialty drinks in coffee shops, to high valume equipment for stadiums and theme parks, Frosty Factory supplies equipment to a large variety of applications and serves the complete requirements of today's food service operators. Quality equipment and total customer support make Frosty Factory the only choice for frozen beverage equipment.
Auto-fill Stainless Steel faucet
Faucet locks Mixer
Handles Hopper locks

Equipment Features

To view specification sheets and/or operator manuals on each model, please click on the model number listed above.

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